[thelist] mangling ppk's menus

Christopher Joseph christopher at ideadesigners.com
Wed Aug 6 12:09:20 CDT 2003

Peter-Paul Koch wrote:
> I think you should rethink your approach. Basically I'd create three 
> 'super-divs', one on the top with the image, one on the left containing 
> navigation and search and one on the right containing everything else. 
> Then you can use position: relative to make all these divs flow 
> naturally, especially on the left.

I have made a few changes to the page.


  It now contains super-divs that are relatively stacked. However I 
realised that position:relative is relative to the divs position in 
'normal flow'. In the case of the example page this would mean that the 
top:(n)px position of my 'right' super-div would be 0px (i.e. position 
in 'normal flow') minus the height of my left super-div in order to 
position the right div at the same level as the left.

Why not use postion:absolute you ask?

Well I would like to be able to put a footer on the page. This cannot be 
position:absolute because the left and right super-divs are variable in 
height *and* clear:both only seems to work if I am using objects that 
are still tied to normal flow (position:static or position:relative)

Any thoughts on how I can resolve this?
Christopher Joseph

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