[thelist] real player for mac OS X

Egor Kloos studio at dutchcelt.nl
Wed Aug 6 12:16:04 CDT 2003

> However i have a mac user who has OS X installed, and he says there is 
> no
> free real player for OS X only OS 9. i was wondering if this was 
> true.. or
> whether someone had a link to a download for a free OS X real player.

Wel real.com do have player for OS X and that's their 'RealOne' player.
When using OS X surf to http://www.real.com/?lang=en&loc=us

I've found this player to be backward compatible. And it works very 
well, much better than that MS media crap.
But then again, why don't you use quicktime? This is far more cross 
platform orientated than either of the Real an MS offerings.

Just my two bits.

Egor Kloos 

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