[thelist] Weird DOM rendering with Mozilla....

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 6 16:52:10 CDT 2003

>I've been playing around with the DOM and JS, and found an anomaly with 
>making rows of a table appear and disapper under Mozilla.
>	http://www.baratta.com/test/
>The above page is a basic form with text fields and a select field. 
>Selecting "Appear" from the list will make an additional text file appear. 
>Under IE it all works as expected. Under Mozilla (1.3) the re-appearance of 
>the row is not "optimal". In fact if you select "Hide", space is left over, 
>e.g. the table does not shrink down. So the next time you select "Appear" 
>the table 'grows' longer, appending unused space to the appearance area.
>This is just a test for investigation - but I'm interested in hearing if 
>other people have seen this behaviour when working with table rows?

A TR should get display: table-row in Moz and Opera, but not, of course, in 

The best thing you can do is alternate between style.display = 'none' and 
style.display= ''. You make the inline style empty so that the default 
style, whether block or table-row, can take over.

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