[thelist] How do I build a proposal for a website?

Sylvia Braunstein sbraun at rugged.com
Thu Aug 7 06:57:25 CDT 2003

This is what the CEO requests:

Build a complete proposal for the web site including the links to the data

What is critical is for me to understand how we will incorporate the 10-15
data sheets that we want to have on the web.

We will use Swishzone (Flash template) to do the entry to the website. This
should include the home page, about the company, contact us, where to buy
(top page), products (top page), news (top page).  When someone will be in
the Where to Buy top page – he will be able to click on : North America ,
EMEA , Asia / Pacific, etc. etc. which will take him to a non flash simple
HTML set of pages with the rest of the resellers info. The same holds true
for the Products (which will take you to a rugged.com style set of pages)
and news.

Please suggest a color scheme.

I like the thunder and lightning effect when the whole IE window is
shaking – we can easily implement this.

The quality of the website is important but far from crucial.

My questions:

How do I create a proposal for such a website? Does anyone have a sample,
advice, ideas as to how I should proceed?


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