[thelist] child protection

Trond Grøntoft trond at tiger.no
Thu Aug 7 07:40:31 CDT 2003

I suggest you use a Flash-based design for this. You could use an image
loader that either loads jpg files from the server, or you could even
encapsulate each picture inside an swf file. With a simple password
mechanism you could prevent people from seeing anything if they tried to
look at the swf file. A system like that would not be 100% secure, but it
wold be more difficult to hack than an HTML-based solution.

Best regards
Trond Grøntoft

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I'm working on a website for an NGO with a section on
orphans which has pictures of little orphaned
children, is there any way of preventing users from
downloading and copying the images? I know about
disabling the right-click, but this doesn't work very
well (you can still use ctrl-C to copy), is there
anything else I can do?



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