[thelist] How do I build a proposal for a website?

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Thu Aug 7 08:53:17 CDT 2003

Simon Willison wrote:

>> I like the thunder and lightning effect when the whole IE window is
>> shaking – we can easily implement this.
> This is a gimmick. It looks tacky on a 14 yr old's geocities site, but
> on a commercial site it would look down-right unprofessional. People
> often forget that their web site is nto the end-destination for most
> of their users: people frequently have a number of sites open at once
> (to research price differences and competing manufacturers for
> example) and as such sites should avoid using any techniques that will
> detract from the other pages a user has open. Things like shaking
> effects, background music and so on are distracting and can result in
> users closing your site window and focusing on your less intrusive
> competitors.

I have to admit I got to this point and thought "Run away".

Who cares if the MD likes a "thunder and lightening effect".

The question is will the users? What will it add to their user 

I'd say the answer was most probably a resounding Ziltch!

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