[thelist] Embedding video and Windows Media Player 9

William Kolean william at f2o.org
Thu Aug 7 08:35:15 CDT 2003

I'm working on a small web site that wants to add mpeg video files to their
site. Since they're not streaming the video, and the videos aren't that
small, the performance degrades if the video starts to play while it's still
downloading. With Windows Media Player 7 you can see the download progress
so if the performance degrades, the user can see that it's because the
playback has caught up to the end of the download. But with WMP 9 there
doesn't seem to be any download progress feedback so a user has no way of
knowing why the video just became jerky. Is there a way to get WMP 9 to give
feedback on the download progress of a video?

Another annoyance is that when right-clicking on a video, WMP 7 gives you a
"Save as..." option whereas WMP 9 does not.

The videos in question are available here:

If anyone knows of a way to get WMP 9 to show download progress I'd be very


- I'm on digest so please cc me when responding. Thanks!

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