[thelist] Evolt CSS hangs IE6 (was: CMS for products, spec sheet)

muinar evolt at muinar.com
Thu Aug 7 10:42:17 CDT 2003

At 15:44 05.08.03, you wrote:
>as well, though occassionally the page loads with NO stylesheet
>whatsoever, after which a refresh will usually clear it up and it works
>right, for the rest of the session (possibly while the stylesheet is
>Jay, do you know specififcally what causes this, and/or a workaround for
>it?  problem reports that include the solution are often more
>well-received :-) ...

Hi Dave

I've made some similar experience in the project stage of a website: A
quite heavily scripted page (PHP) often showed up completely unstyled.
After adding more RAM to the server, the issue disappeared!

Gladly this was in project stage, so we rewrote the scripts to execute
and print the contents right into the HTML, instead of processing everything
above the page header. This way the server has less to memorize and thus
needs less RAM.

To sum it up, it was not IE6, it was the server that didn't seem to deliver
the CSS file.


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