[thelist] Form input names in Safari

Janice Tocher jtocher at averra.com
Thu Aug 7 11:48:31 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I'm working on a content management tool powered by Cold Fusion. We 
have multiple forms on a single page. Each form *name* is unique 
however many of the input names are identical. (Safari users: see the 
following: http://averra.com/test/FormIssues.htm)

As you can see, because the radio buttons are named the same (because 
of the database fields they populate) Safari thinks they are the same 

Is there any way around this other than giving each button a unique 

I've scoured Apple's site as well as an extensive Google search to see 
if there are any solutions but came up with nothing. This surprised me 
as it would seem to be a serious bug for anyone doing multiple forms on 
a single page.

TIA for any insight...


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