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> it's a bug.
> do nothing.
> do not coddle the beta software.
> maintain existing direction and velocity.


Nice editorial.

<tip type="Sales Tax Calculation (US)" author="Joshua Olson">
Just spent about an hour on the phone with my local Dept of Commerce rep.
Here's what I learned:

1.  You must collect sales tax from customers from any state in which you
you have a sales tax id.  You get a sales tax id from the state gov't when
you open any sort of store-front in that state.

2.  If you do not have a sales tax id for a state, any sales to that state
are except and considered "interstate" commerce.

3.  The tax calculation is based on "county of possesion".  In other words,
you use the rate from the county to which the item is shipped when
calculating tax, not the billing address.  Each county in a state may have
differing taxes, so watch out.

4.  Every month you will need to send each county its share of the collected
sales taxes.  In some cases they've tried to make this process easier.  In
Georgia (as an example) they have a centralized agency you send all the
money to and they handle distribution--but, you still need ot fill out a
form with 159 countries on it and indicate how much goes to each.

5.  If a customer picks up the item at the warehouse, you charge them the
rate for the county the warehouse is in, not their home address.

6.  They suggest that you only have one office handling the accounting for
internet sales and maybe even spliter off a subsidary so that you don't have
to worry about the taxing of more than one state.

7.  They are very concerned about lost revenue when companies don't bother
collecting taxes but haven't a clue what to do about.

Joshua Olson
Web Application Engineer
WAE Tech Inc.

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