[thelist] Web and Email through different providors sharing a single domain

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Thu Aug 7 14:54:44 CDT 2003

At 12:22 PM 8/7/2003, hpinson at indepthl.com wrote:
>Hi.  I'm wondering if it is possible to host a domain with one ISP
>and get email on the same domain through another ISP. ie.:
>ISP 1:  Website  - mysite.com
>ISP 2: Email - joe at mysite,com
>Both would share the same domain name.

No problem. You setup your MX records to point to the server that will be 
responsible for email.


         foo.org      ->
         www.foo.org  -> foo.org
         mail.foo.org -> 321.321.321.321

         mx record    -> mail.foo.org

This is a simple setup  in DNS.

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