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Thu Aug 7 14:56:21 CDT 2003

[hpinson at indepthl.com wrote (hpinson at indepthl.com) on 8/7/03 2:22 PM]

> Hi.  I'm wondering if it is possible to host a domain with one ISP
> and get email on the same domain through another ISP. ie.:
> ISP 1:  Website  - mysite.com
> ISP 2: Email - joe at mysite,com
> Both would share the same domain name.
> What I am trying to avoid is passing (a lot of) company email through
> ISP 1's web server, which has a mail server, but cannot handle a
> large mail load.  Redirection via the Alias's would mean that the
> mail still passes through, so is not a good option.
> Does anyone have sugestions on if this is possible, and if so, how to
> approach it? 
> Tech support at my ISP is telling me it is not possible because the
> dns mx records points only to the web server.

It is technically possible but of course your ISP might not *want* to do it.

I have some backup email hosted with a friend's ISP, but the domain is on
one of my webservers, and of course i run the dns (tinydns). here is the dns

(of course the domain name and IP's are changed)


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