[thelist] registrar problems - switching?

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Thu Aug 7 17:45:36 CDT 2003

Message from Tom Dell'Aringa (8/7/2003 01:17 PM)
>I've have a second go-around with problems with Register.com in that
>they have somehow corrupted my DNS. My host told me:
>"Apparently the registrar for your domain, Register.com, has
>corrupted the master DNS record for your domain at the root
>registry so that it is no longer querying your actual authoritive
>DNS servers here at AMZ Web Hosting"

I hope they don't do that with the domain I am currently getting moved.

>Secondly, who should I go with? GoDaddy? Other companies anyone?

As Jeff said, gandi.net. Or I've recently started using directnic.com (from 
a list recommendation) and I find their interface very useful and friendly.


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