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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
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> We currently have a database residing on SQL server on
> a local server in our office.  I'm trying to make a
> dynamic intranet site that will pull a few fields from
> the database and place them on the intranet site that
> is being hosted externally by a hosting company.  Is
> there any way to do this without the hosting company
> having our database stored on their servers?  Any help
> would be great.  Thanks.


SQL Server uses port 1433 (by default) for it's remote connections.  So long
as no firewalls between your ISP and your local server prevent access via
this port and the IP of the local box is reachable from the ISP you should
be able to connect the servers together.  If the IP's are reachable but that
port is not available, you can reconfigure SQL server to use another port,
if one is available.

SQL Server does have an interface to syndicate data via XML (port 80) as
well.  You may want to look at that if you cannot find an available port.


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