[thelist] registrar problems - switching?

Nan Harbison nansmith at heritageconcord.org
Fri Aug 8 13:51:15 CDT 2003

You can change to godaddy by just following the directions
on godaddy.com to transfer a domain name. The email
address listed on the account at the old registrar will
get an email, there must be a reply from this email
address that the transfer can be done, and that's it.
I have never had a problem with godaddy until I decided to
have the websites I work on pay for their own domain name
registration (instead of using my own credit card and then
billing my clients). I did this with one account, and
every other domain name I manage (about 10 of them) all of
a sudden belonged to the person who paid to reregister
their own domain name. Godaddy seems to do this to
encourage you to become a reseller, which costs more than
I want to pay, I forget what it is now, because I haven't
gotten a lot of new business lately.

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> AMZ is suggesting GoDaddy.com as a good alternative. I
have heard the
> name tossed around before. She says the only bad thing
is they try to
> upsell you a lot of stuff.
> Could I get some suggestions here? Should I switch? I'm
not happy at
> all with Register.com but what is involved in switching
> Any downtime? Sounds like a big pain..

Seriously easy.  Go to register.com, make sure it's
unlocked.  Go to
GoDaddy (or Joker.com) and transfer.  Pay the fee, and
with luck, no
downtime.  I know Joker will do a live transfer, and
GoDaddy I've not
done transfers with, just new registrations.

GoDaddy is one of the cheapest, that's for sure.  Better
service than
Verisign/NetSol, for sure, and I've not heard good about

My ISP uses Tucows' OpenSRS registry.  YMMV.


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