[thelist] PHP: Image creation on the fly with resizing from UPLOAD file form not always correct.

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Sat Aug 9 08:59:20 CDT 2003

Hello, if that subject line remind you of a problem you had, I'd like to
hear what can cause the trouble..

When the file (JPG) is uploaded, I create 2 files with 2 sizes.
Sometimes the big version will be pixelated, but most of the time, the
resizing is good.
It is not because the original JPG file, is too small.

I don't have an example of a file that would produce this "bug" it is
happening on the live site, with files uploaded by users.. I only assume
the reason is not because the original JPG is too small..

Does it ring a bell in your head ? Have you ever had this problem ?


  Damien COLA

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