[thelist] Security - Shared Hosting & Medical Records

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Sat Aug 9 14:22:36 CDT 2003


> From: Hassan Schroeder
> > A few Q's to all who may know the answers:
> >
> > 2. Is it safe to store sensitive medical and/or
> >    financial data in a site on a shared server?
> Not remotely.
> > 3. Should I be considering a dedicated server for
> >    sensitive data, or is shared space just fine if
> >    it is treated properly?
> As Francis points out, even co-lo is iffy.

i have to agree with francis and hassan so far.  i wouldn't even think about
storing this stuff on a shared server.  i'd think twice about doing it on a
colo'ed box.

> If this is for the US and it does involve medical data,
> google on `HIPAA` to begin your plunge into the morass
> of federal entanglement :-)

a client of ours, a local lawfirm, specializes in hipaa and has some
relevant info on their site.


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