[thelist] Hiding CSS from everything but IE6/Win?

Egor Kloos studio at dutchcelt.nl
Sun Aug 10 06:19:04 CDT 2003


> The short story is that I think I need a way to hide one bit of CSS 
> from everything *except* for IE6/Win.
I checked your site and saw that it indeed doesn't work. I did a quick 
check in Safari v85, and moz. firebird 0.61 osx. The style sheet just 
puts the main content area over the left side navigation. Your problem 
has nothing to do with IE6. In part you are using way to much css to 
'just switch a font'.

Don't import the base script, put that somewhere else. Only switch what 
needs switching, in this case rules containing fonts and the position 
of the two boxes. Start simple, make it work and build from there.
Your problem here is that you are not overriding the position left 
value, so your navigation block doesn't move. The only real change is 
in #main, margin-left is overridden. Strangely enough margin-right 
isn't overridden but it ought be.
Like this, margin: 0 185px 0 0; to margin: 0 0 0 185px;

One solution is that you could use float. This would be much easier to 
control and there would be no need for position: absolute;
This is part of your base css:
	#wrapper { width: 100%; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; }
	#wrapper #blocks { float: left; width: 175px; }
	#wrapper #main { padding: 0 10px 0 0; }
	#wrapper #footer { clear: both; } /* added to prevent float boxes 
collapsing */

This is your default switching css
	#wrapper #blocks { float: left; }
	#wrapper #main { padding: 0 10px 0 0; }

This is a alternate switching css:
	#wrapper #blocks {float: right;}
	#wrapper #main { padding: 0 0 0 10px;}

This is merely and suggestion and not a fully tested solution. So try 
it out it should prove much easier to switch.
BTW. Your Lucida style switches to Trebuchet and not Lucida.

Hope I've been able to help.

Egor Kloos


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