[thelist] OT: 27 Trojans in the in-box today

Pat Meeks pmeeks at msn.com
Tue Aug 19 15:28:21 CDT 2003

> Holy Smokes! I received 27 trojans in my in box at an address that I never
> give out, and that never receives spam.  Most had a From: of ferris.edu
> with the title "Thank You" (and variations thereof). Lucky for me, I'm
> security minded with all of my defence settings at "Paranoid".

Yep...me too. First time this has happened. In my case, all the emails were
sent to the webmaster email address I use on a website I manage, so it looks
to me like they've been scanning web sites for emails. One thing I've done
to minimize the problem, is that I've switched to NMSFormMail from
SourceForge.Net that allows aliases in the forms, so at least they can't
snag email address from  the forms. I think any form handler that allows
aliases has become a basic necessity to minimize the problem.

Regards, Pat

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