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Mike Carlson domitianx at domitianx.com
Thu Aug 21 13:14:14 CDT 2003

That is when they are using an Exchange server on their end and they have
their mail set to RichText. When Exchange sends it out, it attaches the
email attachment as a winmail.dat file and when Exchange gets a file with
that attachment, it decodes the attachment out. Its really annoying. I think
this was a Exchange 5.5 thing only. I havent noticed it on my Exchange 2k

Now that I think about it, you might also run into that problem with certain
versions of Outlook on the PC even if you are not using an Exchange server.
Not sure, but I think I remember that happening once.

There is a file out there called fentun.exe that I use to decode the
message. I use it to extract the attachments out of the file. I can email
you a copy if you want, but it is PC only.

The other option is to have the sender send email only in Plain Text
instead. That will resolve the problem.

-Mike Carlson
domitianx at domitianx.com

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> Occassionally I have a problem w/ email attachment. I work on a Mac &
> often when people working on PCs send me attachments I receive them with
> the winmail.dat extension & can't open them up. I've always thoiught it
> was something in the way their email was set up but don't know that for
> sure. Is there something I can do on my machine that will let me open them
> up? Or a setting on their machine? Normally I use Pine to read email but
> have even tried forwarding the email to web-based account w/ the same
> results. Any suggestions?
> tia
> Cheryl Amato
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