[thelist] RE: PHP & Accessibility

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 22 09:29:01 CDT 2003

I doubt that it is 100% accessible, but I went to a talk given by one 
of the developers who wrote a tag library for this web site. The tag 
library was intended to make it easy for the disabled people who 
actually do this web site to do it without having to know a lot about 
HTML. (Because it is a non-profit that uses its clients as volunteer 

Anyway, if this web site is considered accessible to people for whom 
accessibility is primary, then I think it is a pretty good 
representation of what you can get away with.


On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 09:43 PM, 
thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:

>> P.S. Is there any sites you can think of off hand that are 100% 
>> accesible,
>> links would be greatly appreciated.

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