[thelist] WebSite CMS Tools/Apps

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 22 11:39:21 CDT 2003


We're currently evaluating/investigating web site CMS tools. Basically,
we're interested in tools to allow us to more efficiently develop web sites
in a consistent manner. The CMS/Tool should be flexible in letting us
manipulate/create the look/feel of the site. The tool should also be able to
accommodate more than just "newsletter" formats. In other words, we should
be able to do pretty much whatever we need with regards to the look/feel of
the site. And of course, it needs to support the usual

Any thoughts/opinions will be appreciated. We're pretty sure that others are
also interested in this topic. We're interested in hearing from anyone with
real world experience in using the apps. We'd also be interested in any
pointers/assistance/articles that could help in ranking the apps, or
assessing their strengths/weaknesses..


Bruce Douglas
bedouglas at earthlink.net
(925) 866-2790

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