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bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 23 08:54:35 CDT 2003


Yes.... But we're also interested in how one would build a plug-in toolbar
for other browsers/other operating systems.....

Has anybody on this list actually ever built/implemented one...?????


bedouglas at earthlink.net

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Are you trying to build an Internet Explorer toolbar? If so, have you looked
in MSDN Library? http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/ - not an open source
example, but the Platform and IE SDKs are there, so you can look up how
you'd need to program it.


From: "bruce" <bedouglas at earthlink.net>
Subject: RE: [thelist] browser plugin development

: For even further clarification...
: After further discussion..... What we'd really like to take a look at, is
: the process/technology required to be able to create a "Browser Toolbar",
: similar to the Google Toolbar.
: Thanks for any assistance/pointers/links/etc...
: -Bruce
: bedouglas at earthlink.net
: For more clarification...
: We're looking for "Open Source" Browser plug-ins to get a feel for how one
: writres/develops a plug-in. We're really interested in how you'd write an
: application that would allow one to "capture" the sites visited by a user
: a Browser. We assume that this application would have to be some form of
: Browser Plug-in...

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