[thelist] Office 2003, XML, and CMS

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Mon Aug 25 01:07:11 CDT 2003

Quoting Simon Willison <cs1spw at bath.ac.uk>:

> Burhan Khalid wrote:
> >><article Type=33>
> >>  <title>News Flash: Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup!</title>
> >>   <summary>After an overwhelmingly-dominant season, the Maple Leafs have
> >>finally brought Lord Stanley home!</summary>
> >>   <author>GravyFace</author>
> >>   <body>blah blah blah <emphasis id=1>BLAH!</emphasis>. blah blah
> <emphasis
> >>id=2>BLAAAAAH!</emphasis></body>
> >></article id=555>
> > 
> > I'm assuming you mean </article Type="33">
> Either way it's invalid XML - you can't have attributes in a closing 
> tag. Because XML has to be well formed it must always be properly 
> nested, so when the </article> tag is reached it can logically only 
> belong to the <article Type="33"> opening tag (note that quotes around 
> attributes are also mandatory in XML). Thus there is no need to 
> duplicate attributes in the end tag, and in fact doing so will 
> invalidate the XML and cause any compliant parser to stop with an error 
> message.

Good catch Simon :)

Burhan Khalid

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