[thelist] Two column fixed width layout

angello angello at post.cz
Mon Aug 25 02:24:55 CDT 2003

i think that your problem is that you defined same width for "container" 
and "body" and if a computer browser can't compute dimensions of a box 
it just omits one dimension, so i' recomend you to not define width with 
"body" selector.

Mike F wrote:

> I've been designing my new layout and am having a couple problems. If 
> you check out the draft (http://www.spoonerist.com/draft/) you'll see 
> that the border breaks on the right side (at least for me it does in 
> both IE 6 and Firebird 0.6.1). To see the technique I'm using for the 
> two-column layout, either check out the CSS 
> (http://www.spoonerist.com/draft/default.css) or the site I got the 
> layout from (http://www.guyweb.co.uk/experiments/). Does anyone know 
> how I could remedy this small problem? Preferably without a hack... 
> Thanks in advance.
> Mike Foroobar

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