[thelist] CF: Maddening CFPOP problem: UnknownError

Matt Williams matt at zelica.com
Mon Aug 25 04:27:19 CDT 2003

Hi Frank,

CF4.5 is notorious for problems with CFMail - I did a quick
google on "<cfmail linux 4.5" (without the quote marks) and
found this workaround:


but have a look at the other results and on Macromedia as

hth, matt :)

Frank wrote:
> I keep getting the following error when trying to access
> accounts. They are admittedly rather largely stuffed. I
> re-written my scripts in such a way that it grabs chunks,
rather than
> the whole thing, ie, in groups of 5 emails.
> <cfpop action="GETALL"
>          name="get_mail"
>          server="mydomain.com"
>          port="110"
>          timeout="60"
>          username="correct-username"
>          password="correct-password">
>  > unknown exception condition
>  > unknown error while executing a tag.
> I know the account is good, I can download it using other
> with the same info. I'm not trying to display any
information yet,
> just downloading it. This is the same whether I run the
script on the
> same server, or a foreign one (My testing server).
> Can anyone suggest what avenues I might investigate?
> Additional info
> cf 4.5 RH Linux.
> qMail is my POP SMTP server
> My frustration is reaching a pretty high peak.
> Thanks.
> --
> Frank Marion     lists at frankmarion.com      Keep the
signal high.

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