[thelist] POP Software recommendations?

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Mon Aug 25 04:55:51 CDT 2003

Quoting Frank <lists at frankmarion.com>:

> There is a wonderful Mac only pop account reader called "Mail Siphon". It 
> serves as a MUA that reads and handles email directly from the pop account 
> without needing to download it locally. Can someone recommend a PC version 
> similar to this?

Pegasus Mail ( http://www.pmail.com   )
The Bat!     ( http://www.ritlabs.com )

Are the two that come to my mind. There are a couple of other ones that can do 
what you are after (if that is, checking/deleting mail on the server without 
downloading it).

Pegasus has a lot of features, but the user interface takes a little getting 
used to. The Bat is a nice client for Windows (its not free, unlike Pegasus). 
The user interface is nice, and the templates feature is especially useful. 
Both support multiple accounts.

Burhan Khalid

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