[thelist] [ot] Monitor Suggestions?

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 25 16:25:41 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I've just gotten a new contract that is really making it hard to work
on my current monitor. I have a flat panel MAG 15" LCD monitor.
Frankly, I love the thing but its just too small at 15"/max res of
1024 x 768.

Of course I am under severe time crunch and have no time to research
monitors - but I have to go out tonight and get a new one. I'd really
appreciate any suggestions based on my req's below. I know some of
you may not be LCD flat monitors, but I *have* to go that route (for
various reasons) so keep your suggestions in line with that. If you
have the actual monitor you might suggest, so much the better!

17" + Flat screen LCD
It MUST be affordable - I cannot go get a top of the line monitor. It
has to be for PC - as much as I would love getting one of the
Macintosh monitors which are sweeeet.

Actually..I think thats it...



<tip type="digital photos" author="pixelmech">

If you have a digital camera and enjoy taking photos - AND you have a
decent memory card inside it - AND you can manipulate your photos
yourself with PhotoShop et al - set your picture quality setting as
HIGH as you can. If there is no compression at all - so much the

This way you an grab the unaldulterated photo in your image editor
and have at it without any loss of quality. This makes much better
photos - even if its just a shot of the dog. Of course, this also
means bigger files and the fact that you have to go in and edit them
and compress them yourself. So you have to weigh those facts in and
what you are doing with your photos.

If you are taking shots for a work related project however, this is
definitely the way to go.


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