[thelist] dom tree help

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 25 18:32:12 CDT 2003


I have a little tree script:


This only has to work in IE6 exclusively. It works right now. The
problem I have is that the 2nd level tree items (the section 1.1, 2.1
etc) appear OPEN when the grade is toggled.

I need them to start as closed. All I am doing is seeing if the root
node has children, then showing/hiding all the divs. Can anyone
suggest a good way to only open the next level, not all the levels?

I tried using firstChild() - but that turns out to be the anchor I
believe. How can I only show/hide the FIRST div? It's fine if this
has to be a separate function for the grade toggle and a separate
function for the section toggle.



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