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> and to play devil's advocate, i can think of a few advantages to doing it
> server-side:
> weight
>     yeah, i think an image would weigh less than
>     all the html and little images necessary to
>     produce the same thing)

I'd reccon it'd be close, but I bet that an all HTML solution would win out,
size-wise, as a decent HTMLer could do it without any images.  Wouldn't be
too tough to figure out, if your up for it.

> portability
>     no chance of not selecting the entire html graph
>     to paste into something like word.  less chance
>     of people messing with the numbers once it's been
>     pulled into an authoring medium.

It's pretty easy to tweak an image, too.  Photoshop is good like that.  It
gets tougher if you alias the fonts and put the text on a complex
background... but then again that would add to the image filesize, eh?

> quality
>      as in consistency across all devices with
>      graphical display capabilities)

Eh?  I bit a simple graph like the one he made wouldn't be too tough to make
it look right on 96% of the browsers out there.  We can use tables, right??


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