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Ralph Guzman ralph213 at sbcglobal.net
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OSCommerce is fairly easy to install and use. Customization is easy once
you learn the file structure. Features that you do not need can be
removed by editing include files.

All the shopping cart functions are stored in classes. If you want to
just use the shopping cart but not it's catalog you will have to modify
these classes. If you are familiar with Object Oriented Code this
shouldn't be too difficult.

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At 04:08 PM 8/22/2003, Ralph Guzman wrote:
>If you are looking for a standalone shopping cart have a look at
>I think it has all the features you need and it also has a big
>contribution list where you can find updates or addons:

Ralph, I have looked at OSCommerce but am a bit worried that it has more

features than I need and could prove cumbersome. Is it easy to just use
shopping cart and not use its product catalog side of things?

>If you are looking for a CMS with shopping cart then have a look at

Actually, that is the CMS I am using. All in all I am pretty happy with
but I need more flexibility in the shopping cart...

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>Howdy all,
>The CMS that we've installed and added content to doesn't appear to
>our unique needs on the shopping cart side of things. At this point I
>have a couple of options: write a cart from scratch or choose a third
>cart. As we are on a very tight deadline  I am exploring the idea of a
>third party cart. I would truly appreciate your recommendations for a
>simple cart. I do not want/need a cart that does product management as
>that is already covered by our CMS.
>- Easily customized output
>- Ability to define simple shipping logic: local vs. international &
>below a certain price get free shipping
>- Ability to provide multiple shipping options
>- Ability to define tax rate based on destination state (U.S.) - VAT is
>not needed
>- Ability to have three full addresses (shipping, billing, delivery)
>Basically I want the user to click a standard submit button on one of
>our product pages to add items to the cart - I would prefer to send the
>variables via POST.
>The form is to be e-mailed (within our network) so I do not need any
>form of payment gateways.

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