Steve Clason steve at clason.org
Tue Aug 26 01:05:10 CDT 2003

David Bindel wrote:

>> I'd reccon it'd be close, but I bet that an all HTML solution
>> would win out, size-wise, as a decent HTMLer could do it
>> without any images.  Wouldn't be too tough to figure out, if
your up
>> for it.
> A couple years ago when I used use ASP, I made this website for
> competition (the link will take you to live poll
> results, and no, the
> results are not from legitimate input, rather a bunch of
> wanting to see the results change):
> http://smbpa.eactemp.net/smbpa/poll.asp

> Anyways, good luck with the website, and I hope this will give
> some insight.

Thanks. That graph is helpful, I especially like the styling on
the bars.


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