[thelist] Oracle Date Swizzle?

Plunkett, Matt MPlunkett at MSA.com
Tue Aug 26 11:44:15 CDT 2003

    dbms_output.put_line(TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('20031225', 'YYYYMMDD')));

prints out 25-Dec-2003 for me.

So, TO_DATE('20031225', 'YYYYMMDD') should do the trick to throw that string
into a date.

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Hi Gang,

I've got a *text* field in a database populated with values like '20031225'
that I need to do a little 
date arithmetic on.

I'm using an older version of Oracle.

Any handy-dandy simple solutions?


[Currently eyeball deep in "TO_DATE(TO_CHAR(SUBSTR (
Open_Detail.Customer_Dt, 5, 2 )) || CHR(45) || 
TO_CHAR(SUBSTR ( Open_Detail.Customer_Dt, 7, 2 )) || CHR(45) ||
Open_Detail.Customer_Dt, 1, 4 )), 'MM-DD-YYYY')" nonsense that doesn't seem
to be properly cutting 
the cheese. Grrr.]

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