[thelist] Web Mirroring Utility

Michael Robertson mike at mikeemedia.com
Tue Aug 26 11:59:16 CDT 2003

This would be in a Windows/ASP (Classic) environment. I'm aware of Wget, my
apprehension about commandline is my lack of comfort with it and lack of
time to figure it out for this. If that's my only solution though I may have
no choice. Thanks.

> > I need to go out and grab a few different XML files off another
> > sever periodically throughout the day. Anyone know of a good
> > application that will do this that does not use command line?
> Michael,
> I suppose it depends on your platform... mac, windows, linux, etc?  ASP,
> Cold Fusion, PHP, etc?
> Why do you not want to use a command line utility?
> If you change your mind about the command line, look for wget.  Ports are
> available for at least Windows and *nix.
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