[thelist] "forms' in CSS

MaKo shark at mako4css.com
Tue Aug 26 16:29:13 CDT 2003

> Anyone have any pointers for replacing forms with CSS layout controls?
Example code is most welcome.
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I am not quite sure that I understand :)

If you mean: "How do I get form elements to look like I want, x-browser
etc..?" then perhaps http://www.mako4css.com/cssforms.htm could be of

Should you mean: "How do I get form elements to stay exactly where I want
them?" then my advice is: a) invest a lot of time and hair for fiddling
around or b) use a table to get an unruly large form into the form you
want (I know that's cheating...)

Did you mean: "Are there CSS properties that replace HTML form elements?"
then I don't think there are any, because that contradicts the very nature
of CSS: the markup defines them, CSS presents them.

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