[thelist] Web site designs that die of old age

Chris Cothrun cothrun at ix.netcom.com
Wed Aug 27 00:20:03 CDT 2003


From:           	Minh Lee Goon <evolt at goonies.info>
> How often should a web site be updated? I've read once somewhere that a web
> site should be redesigned every two years or so. Any links to articles would
> be much appreciated. Thanks.

I'd say redesign when the site no longer meets its purpose. 
If the visual design no longer effectively communicates the 
company's purpose, or the blogging software is no longer 
sufficient for the blogger's needs or the CMS can no longer 
handle the volume and variety of changes, it might be time 
for a redesign. 

Redesign for the sake of redesign would rarely be effective, 
it costs money and confuses regular visitors.

Here are a few reasons I can think of for a redesign:

Standards Compliance
PDA and other odd form factor / platform browsers
Section 508 (all of these kind of go together)
Business changes (focus, products, services, processes)
Web technology advances (everything from server side 
platforms to client side Flash, Quicktime and other media 

I'm sure the evolters can come up with more.

Here is someone's wish list for a redesign:


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