[thelist] .conf files in Apache (was: [ Apache configuration on OSX])

Chris Price chris.price at speed-mail.co.uk
Wed Aug 27 08:52:50 CDT 2003

> I assume I can change this default chmod in the proper configuration
> file. Unfortunately I can't find it. The documentation talks about
> httpd.conf but this file seems to be absent from my OS X computer,
> Apple's Find doesn't find it.

I recently screwed up my system and had to clean install. Since then I
haven't been able to see anything when I look at and when
I look for my-computer.local I'm told it doesn't exist.

When I type sudo apachectl graceful in the terminal it starts Apache but
doesn't go through the .conf files like it used to. And I don't have any
users in the httpd directory.

I can now see all the old 'hidden' files in my previous system folder.

Can I get back to where I was using BBEdit? Do you know if there is a book
in O'Reilly's Safari that could help me?

I now know what sudo means.

Chris Price

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