[thelist] Server-side image generation

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Wed Aug 27 16:30:11 CDT 2003


> From: Joshua Olson
> > > http://concepts.waetech.com/bargraph/
> >
> > http://evolt.jeffhowden.com/jeff/screen_caps/make_graph_nn4.gif
> Kind of ironic, eh?  You throw back a snapshot of
> Netscape 4.x when you abandoned visual catering to
> Netscape many months ago?

i suppose it's ironic.  however, it proves my point about html vs image
graphing.  images enjoy 100% support, while html does not.

> On a differing note, the screen shot does expose
> something interesting... the information degrades
> nicely on browsers such as this one.  The information is
> still completely accessible, even though the
> presentation is all gummed up.

but in the case of graphs, the presentation is a piece of the information.
without it, it's difficult to parse the numbers and get a feel for what
graphs might look like, which is the whole point of the exercise to begin


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