[thelist] PHP show first 10 words of MySQL field

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Wed Aug 27 21:39:35 CDT 2003

Austin Harris wrote:

>Sorry for the poor title but I am not sure how to describe what I want to do
>I have a text field in a db and want to show on one page just the first 20
>words, (more or less) of that field before putting a "view more" link.
>Being relatively new to PHP I am not sure what sort of function I need to
>use, searching is tricky without being able to state the problem concisely!
>I am guessing I want to count the words, (or characters) and set a cut off
>All help very much appreciated.
# take your original db string and get the first (say) 200 characters
$shortString =  substr ( $originalString, 0, 200);
That should get you started?

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