[thelist] Qmail-Inject Example?

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Thu Aug 28 01:53:46 CDT 2003

Is there anyone here who is familiar with qmail (a popular MTA) and it's 
associated utility qmail-inject?

I'm looking for a simple example of the usage of qmail-inject to send an 
email. I want to send mime compliant emails, and can get cold fusion to 
generate them for me, what I don't know how to do, and no documentation 
seems to be understandable to me, is to actually send an email. I just need 
to see an example.

How would I use qmail-inject to send the following?

To: John <johnsmith at example.com>
From: Bob <bobjones at anexample.com>
Reply-To: Bob-Home <bobs at home.com>
Subject: Done my work, gone home.


I've finished the report, and now I've gone home. Let me know if you agree 
with the figures.

Bob- I'm your uncle.

Frank Marion     lists at frankmarion.com      Keep the signal high.  

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