[thelist] Netscape 7 vs Mozilla

Ken Wan kwan at tourismwhistler.com
Thu Aug 28 11:37:57 CDT 2003

Hi all.

Not sure if this has been discussed recently but I was wondering if someone
can enlighten me or refer me to information regarding the differences
between Netscape 7 and the most recent Mozilla build, in terms of how they
render pages. The reason I'm asking is that some pages that I've created
look fine in Mozilla but are a bit messed up in NS7. I know there are
differences, but I thought NS7 was based on Mozilla. So what makes the two
render pages differently? Which browser is better to test on (will reveal
the most errors)? Anyone else getting just a little frustrated with having
to test each and every page on the multitudes of browsers across two
(three?) different platforms?
Ken Wan

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