[thelist] JavaScript included file question

Kelly Hallman khallman at wrack.org
Thu Aug 28 12:34:26 CDT 2003

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Nan Harbison wrote:
> <script language="JavaScript"
> src="<?=(($incJavaScript)?$incJavaScript:STR_GLOBAL_JAVASCRIPT)?>">
> </script>
> There is another file on this site that has the statement:
> and a global setting page has this:
> define("STR_GLOBAL_JAVASCRIPT", WS_PATH.'include/global_javascript.js');
> Can someone tell me what the point of this is? It seems like a rather
> round-about way to call an included file.

On the surface, it is a bit of overkill. Setting $incJavaScript =
STR_GLOBAL_JAVASCRIPT seems to be pointless, considering that is also the
default by virtue of how the script src= is set up. However, if you
omitted that assignment it would behave the same (so you don't need to
remember to include the global_javascript.js file each time). The main
advantage is that default is automatic, but you could set $incJavaScript
to a different filename on a per-script basis to override that default.

This isn't the most flexible approach, but it does have use if you only 
need to include one javascript file at most per page.

Kelly Hallman

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