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> >Arthur Cundy wrote:
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> >mode:arcane is a personal weblog as well as a portal for news,
> uh, is this List spam?

yes, and as such, it requires a <tip>.

Converting your site to XHTML? Trying very hard to validate? Well, 
what MIME type will you use to serve these pages? You have two 
options, with arguments supporting each (you can find more than those 
I linked to, but it's a start):


application/xhtml+xml or text/xml

Read up and consider the options. There are reasons both ways that 
you can cause yourself a headache.

Or, unless you're planning to use MathML, you could just continue to 
use HTML 4.01, which still allows you to use CSS and which is still a 
viable standard. Yes, I may be oversimplifying, but it is worth 
considering why you even want to switch to XHTML and determining if 
it's worth it, or better to stick with HTML.

my latest book project:
  Web Graphics for Non-Designers
  ISBN: 1590591712

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