[thelist] Apache virtual Host Problem

John Handelaar john at evolt.org.uk
Fri Aug 29 08:10:12 CDT 2003

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> I have managed to configure my apache httpd.conf file to show me the
> default page on , as well manged to create a virtual
> host called www.firsthost.com and its alias "first" which both work
> fine. I have added another host which is called secondhost.com and its
> alias "second", here where the problem appears. When going to
> www.secondhost.com I got the index file of the www.firsthost.com, while
> if I typed the alias name "second" it will show the coorect index file
> for secondhost.com.

You don't have 'www.firsthost.com' or 'www.secondhost.com'
set as server aliases in httpd.conf.  Add them :-)

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