[thelist] Apache virtual Host Problem

Ali Almutawa aamutawa at batelco.com.bh
Fri Aug 29 09:16:09 CDT 2003


Thanks for your probpt reply, yes your are right, I am setting this in a
testing environment, this is why I am using the /etc/hosts file to do
the local name resolving. And it is working for the www.firsthost.com,
the aliases also pointing to the right pages, but only the
www.secondhost is not. The question I need to know its answer, whey
firsthost is ok and secondhost is not.


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> I have managed to configure my apache httpd.conf file to show me the
> default page on , as well manged to create a virtual
> host called www.firsthost.com and its alias "first" which both work
> fine. I have added another host which is called secondhost.com and its
> alias "second", here where the problem appears. When going to
> www.secondhost.com I got the index file of the www.firsthost.com,
> if I typed the alias name "second" it will show the coorect index file
> for secondhost.com.

You don't have 'www.firsthost.com' or 'www.secondhost.com'
set as server aliases in httpd.conf.  Add them :-)

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