[thelist] Querying a legacy app

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Fri Aug 29 11:57:58 CDT 2003

Les Lytollis wrote:

> So I define an XML schema of some sort - do a HTTP POST of the XML
> request to a URI specified by the SOP system, which responds  to the
> sending URI with a response XML? Am I on the right lines here? Is it
> possible to do something similar without a web server at the SOP end?

A rose by any other name...

You can call it a "web server" or you can call it a watermelon, but
there has to be a process on the SOP end continuously listening to
a socket and prepared to deal with whatever requests it receives.
So you could write your own, or you could use an existing one :-)

For something like this, I'd use Tomcat with a single servlet doing
the request translation (SOAP -> SOP query). Tomcat provides basic
request handling, security (user or IP address restriction, SSL) if
desired, logging, error management, etc. All you have to provide is
the SOP interface.

And when you're done, the whole works is cross-platform to anything
that's got a current JVM...

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