[thelist] mod_rewrite problem... again...

Kelly Hallman khallman at wrack.org
Fri Aug 29 17:48:10 CDT 2003

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Dunstan Orchard wrote:
> > > RewriteRule ^seminars/dog_daycare_seminar/?$ dog_daycare_seminar.php [L]
> > Have you tried
> > RewriteRule ^/seminars/dog_daycare_seminar/?$ /dog_daycare_seminar.php 
> > [L] ...etc...?
> yes, but unfortunately that's not where the problem is. I don't think
> there's anything wrong with the rules, but the way the .htaccess file is
> being handled by the server.

Well, if you use ^ then there is a slash at the front of the request
you're trying to match against(?!), so I'm pretty sure you should leave
the / in front of the match, or not use ^ (which would also match, but
also match other urls you may or may not want to match).

> > Perhaps you have already a .htaccess in a parent folder that has this
> > rule implemented, otherwise, why would it do that if there's no rule
> > teling it to do it ?
> I have no idea. As I say above, in past attempts to run this kind of
> thing even deleting the file from the server has no effect - the rules
> continue to run from a file that doesn't exist!

.htaccess files in parent directories is a good thing to check, but I
suspect that is not the case. The issues you're experiencing do indeed
sound strange. Have you considered that the browser may be doing some
cacheing, and the server is behaving correctly? Or that there is some
other mechanism in the middle, such as a proxy, that is doing strange
things? I'm not sure of any method of cacheing .htaccess files, or why
that would be useful... the ISP may hold the key to those mysteries...

Kelly Hallman

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