[thelist] IE 5.2 Mac is a Bug Ridden Crash Prone Piece of Junk

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 31 12:08:30 CDT 2003

I hereby officially reclassify Explorer 5.2 on Mac OS X as a Bug Ridden 
Crash Prone Piece of Junk. Just now I discovered that this sorry excuse 
misnamed a 'modern browser' crashes on

top.location.href = 'somepage.html';

when you execute this command in a frame (though not when you execute it in 
the top frame).

Besides, every time I reload my new (as yet unpublished) site, it crashes, 
too. It also crashes whenever it feels like it, for instance when I click on 
a link that loads a new page in the content frame (without any JavaScript, 
mind you!).

I just needed to vent my frustration. Thanks for listening, I feel much 
better now.

<tip type="IE 5.2 Mac OS X">
Did you know IE 5.2 Mac OS X is a Bug Ridden Crash Prone Piece of Junk? 
Please spread the word and help Mac fans get rid of this sorry excuse for a 
Safari! Think Safari!

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