[thelist] IE 5.2 Mac is a Bug Ridden Crash Prone Piece of Junk

Gregory Wostrel info at gwcreative.com
Sun Aug 31 13:17:56 CDT 2003

On Sunday, August 31, 2003, at 01:08  PM, Peter-Paul Koch wrote:
> when you execute this command in a frame (though not when you execute 
> it in the top frame).

why are you using frames in the first place (ducks)

> <tip type="IE 5.2 Mac OS X">
> Did you know IE 5.2 Mac OS X is a Bug Ridden Crash Prone Piece of 
> Junk? Please spread the word and help Mac fans get rid of this sorry 
> excuse for a browser.
> Safari! Think Safari!
> </tip>

or Firebird!

I feel the same way about IE5 Mac. It was great when it came out first 
on the classic Mac OS because of its CSS/DOM support, but even then it 
was slow and was almost always the culprit when I had a system crash. 
Now in OSX it is slow, cranky, has no tabs, quits, hangs but that page 
holder feature is kind of cool, you know? I stuck HTML defs and CSS 
properties pages from W3C in there for a reference. I miss that.

I feel better now too.
Gregory Wostrel

gw at gwcreative.com
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