[thelist] Best Search Engine Submission Service?

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Sep 11 07:41:57 CDT 2003

David Mitchell wrote:

>Hey Everyone,
>We recently launched our website, www.mortgagepro.ca and we're looking
>into shelling out a bit of cash to pay for some search engine
>submissions. Does anyone have any recommendations of what
>service/software to use?
I just won a new client that used MainStreetHost.com, Buffalo NY, for 
thier existing site. The site is at #10 and above for most of the 
targeted keywords on several engines, #1 in some cases.

No personal experience with thier work yet, but after talking with them 
I am going to use their optimization and submission service for a new site.

Ron D.

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